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Tanguy Gernot obtained his PhD in computer science at the Caen University laboratory "Groupe de recherche en informatique, image, automatique et instrumentation de Caen" (GREYC) in 2022.

Logo de diplôme The subject of his thesis is "Biometric masterkeys" [thesis manuscript] [slides of the defense] [hal/tel][video of the defense].

His current work focuses on :

  • Biometrics (protection of biometric data, with in particular the use of original non-invertible transformation schemes, evaluation of these transformations, design of more robust solutions)
  • Forensics (digital trace analysis in order to serve the investigative work, profile people, conduct a criminal investigation,measure the invasion of a user’s privacy, development of a forensic platform for the implementation or the evaluation of methods for the analysis of digital traces)

He is currently a research engineer at CNRS and a member of the SAFE team at GREYC.

He is also Computer Forensics Legal Expert at the Court of Appeal of Caen, Normandy, France.

Thesis co-supervision: Kaïra Neily SANON, PhD co-funded by FIME Company on Bias in biometric systems. Co-supervised with C. Rosenberger and C. Charrier.


International Journals

International Conferences

  • Towards an Open-source Digital Investigation Platform, Simon Cardoso, Hugo Jean, Martin Cherrier, Adrien Dubettier, Tanguy Gernot, Emmanuel Giguet, Christophe Rosenberger, 2023 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW 2023), Oct 2023, Sousse, Tunisia [hal]

  • A Comparative Study of Tools for Explicit Content Detection in Images, Adrien Dubettier, Tanguy Gernot, Emmanuel Giguet, Christophe Rosenberger, 2023 International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW 2023), Oct 2023, Sousse, Tunisia [hal]

National conferences


  • Summer School "Biometrics, Forensics and Identity science for human-centered applications" (Alghero, Italy) [paper] [poster]

  • A Study of Bias Estimation in Biometric Systems, Kaïra Neily Sanon, Joël Di Manno, Tanguy Gernot, Christophe Charrier, Christophe Rosenberger, Summer School "21st International Summer School for Advanced Studies on biometrics for Secure Authentification" (Alghero, Italy) [paper] [hal]

Thesis (french)

  • Biometric masterkeys (Passe-partout biométriques) [thesis manuscript] [slides of the defense] [hal/tel].

    Computer science is a field that is used more and more in our daily lives and is now essential to a large part of our activities. Cybersecurity is necessary to protect these activities and our private data. Biometrics allows us to contribute to this cybersecurity by limiting the constraints for the user, but biometric data is personal. This thesis deals with the security of biometric data, which is notably achieved through transformations parameterized by seeds. We initially attacked the non-invertibility property of these transformations by building long-lived nearby-template preimages using a genetic algorithm. Varia- tions of these preimages led us to build biometric masterkeys, allowing spoofing a large part of the users of a biometric system. Finally, we wanted to choose the seeds to allow a fixed masterkey to spoof all the users of a biometric system. We have extended this concept to multiple masterkeys person, for which future biometric acquisitions persist in spoofing users. We validated these concepts using different biometric data of faces, fingerprints and electrocardiograms. In addition, we compared our algorithms to other existing ones.


IMEC LogoInvestigation of Digital Archives of Contemporary Writers (IANEC)

Financed by the French Ministry of Culture (Innovative digital services)

See the IANEC Project Page

Partners: GREYC, IMEC


  • Communication manager of the SAFE team : 2023 - now
  • Former elected member to the council of the MIIS doctoral school : 2020 - 2022
  • Former elected member to the council of the GREYC research laboratory : 2021 - 2022
  • Former responsible for the internal seminar of the GREYC SAFE team : 2020 - 2023

Challenges / IT competitions

  • CTF 404CTF: 45/2060 (top ≈ 2%)
  • TextMine2023: F1-score 0.8312
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  • JT 27/09/2022 : Cyberattack on the Caen City Hall [mp4]
  • Cyberattack: why would a hacker target a city hall? written by Kanwaljit Singh [link] [pdf]
  • The city hall of Caen victim of a cyber attack: "they introduce a software in the servers to encrypt the data and then demand a ransom". written by Jean-Yves Gelebart [link] [pdf]
  • Radio phenix : podcast C'est pas faux (with Emmanuel Giguet) [link][audio]
  • A huge surface to attack: "municipalities, easy targets for hackers" [link]
  • Six months later, what can we learn from the cyberattack on the city of Caen's IT department? [link]


University of Caen / Ensicaen (2023-2024)

  • Forensic Tools [hal]
  • OSINT for forensics [hal]
  • Password analysis [pdf]
  • RAM analysis
  • Biometric data protection and attack [pdf]

Ensicaen (2022-2023)

University of Caen (2019-2022)

  • Programming concepts (C and Python)
  • IT environment
  • Project tutor
  • Functional programming language (Haskell)
  • Web programming
  • Algorithmics

Popularization of science

  • Science festival : Animation of the biometrics stand (fingerprint, facial recognition, signature and keyboard dynamics)
  • International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC2020 Lille) - Animation of the CNRS INS2I stand
  • Festival of Normandy Excellence (FENO) - Caen
  • Masterclass at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC2023) in Lille: "In search of biometric master keys". [slides] [hal] [youtube] [mp4]